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Radiating Christ

hail mary

The God whom earth and sea and sky Adore and laud and magnify,
Whose might they own, whose praise they tell, In Mary’s body deigned to dwell.

O Mother blest! The chosen shrine, Wherein the Architect Divine,
Whose hand contains the earth and sky, Vouchsafed in hidden guise to lie;

Blest in the message Gabriel brought; Blest in the work the Spirit wrought;
Most blest, to bring to human birth The long desired of all the earth.

O Lord, the Virgin born, to thee Eternal praise and glory be,
Whom with the Father we adore And Holy Ghost for ever more.

The main issue here is the “mystery of Freedom”. The two main keys to this mystery are The Mind of God and the human mind.

Obviously we only have the capacity to use the human mind, which is very limited and imperfect. To have access to God’s Mind the only way is through our Blessed Lord Jesus, and most likely will be the only way until we die. In the meantime the best we can do to understand the ‘mystery of freedom’ is to dive into the Holy Scriptures and to have a deep relationship/close friendship with Jesus in prayer and the Sacraments. After we do this it would be easier to understand how God sees things from a perspective of ‘eternity,’ He sees and knows all things at once. We can only see and know things in steps, in segments of time and space. God can do anything He wants with any reality. In Love, according to His revelation, He decided to respect our freedom. He will not have a direct intervention in our live unless we “open the door” and let Him in.

Revelation also tells us that prayer changes things; not things in the eternal realm, but things in the temporal realm. In prayer and love we can make changes all throughout history, from the fall of Adam and Eve to the Last Judgement. What every man does affects every one else. Our vocation now is to “rule the earth” (by being good stewards) according to God’s will; we can still change things by the grace of God, through Faith, Hope and Love.

After the last judgment, we will not be able to make the slightest change, because there will be no more Faith or Hope, only love. There will be no more ‘time’, since any change requires time. We will be in eternity…we will see everything at once… we will know everything at once… we will see God ‘face to face’… and we will know Him as He knows us… and, of course we cannot understand this now… but if we remain in Jesus we will see everything clearly when the times comes (or when it may go away).

Yet another key to unlocking the mystery of prayer is to understand that the most important element of a life of prayer is “To be at Home.” The parable of “The Prodigal Son” comes to mind here. “To be at Home” means to “live in the same house” where the Father shares everything with his children. There is no need to ask for things every day, although that is welcomed. The family shares everything in common and everyone’s needs are met. Thoughts come and go… feelings are up and down… projects and plans succeed and fail… but the Father is always watching out for His children’s every need… always with the same love and tender care. Although, sometimes He can be tough… but always for the sake of preserving the integrity of His children and the unity of the family. In conclusion, in order to live a life of prayer only one thing is essential: TO LIVE IN THE FATHER’S HOUSE… HE will provide everything else. To leave the House would mean cut-off closeness… cut-off communication and may lead to disaster and death.

My insight for this week is about the Holy Spirit. I was reading a book written by St. Francis of Sales regarding the Devout life. He talks about a character called Glycera, who was a bouquet maker. He says that she was so skillful in diversifying the arrengements and mixture of flower that with the same flowers she made a great variety of bouquets. St. Francis compares the bouquet maker with the Holy Spirit, and says that the Holy Spirit does something similar in our souls. He uses the same gifts in each one of us, but He arranges them in such different ways, that even though it’s only one Doctrine, it is presented in such a variety of ways! Each one of us takes the very same flowers of the Doctrine of the faith, and at the same time presents a very unique and personal bouquet. May the Holy Spirit help us to be docile to His inspirations and open to His gifts in order to present them and live them according to our Heavenly Father’s Will.

There are two aspects to the action of God’s Grace:

One is “involuntary”. God sheds his Grace like the sun sheds its rays and its warmth upon everyone. The best example is being in the Most Holy Presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. His Grace is constantly “filling the Temple, or Church building”, touching and blessing every one that approaches it, regardless of our response.

The other aspect is “voluntary.” It’s a simple act of the will… what we decide to do when God’s grace “knocks at the door of our heart” to come in, through His Church in the Sacraments, in His Word or in our fellow Christians. Or even in the different events of life… or in nature, when we come in contact with beauty, goodness and truth. A “golden chain” of daily “little yes’s” to God’s Grace in our “willing heart” could help us to become Saints some day.

Did you know that you are worth one drop of the Most Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus. YOU ARE PRECIOUS! There is Royal blood in you… the son or daughter of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Your life is that valuable! No matter what would ever happen to you… or how terrible you may feel… your life will always have a tremendous meaning… your presence will always be special and important anywhere you are… the world needs you… because… YOU ARE PRECIOUS!!!